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Welcome folks, to my official fundraising platform for my late summer release of Trapper's Attic. My plan is to cut a vinyl record (yes, a literal record) 12-track ode to the Northern frontier wilderness and the folks that pioneered it back in the days of old. Since June 2020 I've been chained to my woodsman-inspired recording studio (deemed Trapper's Attic over the years for my modest collection of homespun roadkill pelts and Western frontier memorabilia), recording, mixing, mastering, and designing this monstrosity of an undertaking. At the end of the day, producing this collection of original compositions will only be possible thanks in part to the folks who recorded on the album with me and, of course, the folks out there listening and supporting my old-timey ways since I first became a musician 4 years ago. 


That's about all I will allow myself to tell you about the releasing of my second solo album, Trapper's Attic. Having listened to each track aggressively over the past 6 months, I can promise you it's 100% the byproduct of all the generational misalignment and yearning to understand the natural world unique to my soul. When I decided to produce an album all by myself without the added benefit of a professional studio or engineer, I knew it would be a long and grueling process, but perhaps the most rewarding and soul-filling object I've ever created in my 27 years of life. 

Now, as the final stages of the production process draw to a close, I'm asking for anyone and everyone to donate what they can spare during these trying times to help lift this incredibly personal expression of my soul off the ground and give it a final resting place on double-sided plastic. Your contributions are very much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

If you would be so inclined to donate to the Trapper's Attic album fund, I will forever be grateful. 

Thanks for the Support