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Signing Off

featuring  christy  rezaii

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Signing Off Official Cover Artwork

signing  off

featuring   christy  rezaii

It all began in December 2019. The year had been full of ups and downs (mostly downs) which largely affected the mood and sentiment of this song. I started putting this song on paper later that month, and before I had even completed its structure, I knew it had to include Christy Rezaii in a huge way. In the nearly 30+ songs we've written and recorded together, 'Signing Off' became our first duet. 
Alongside Christy on this track are two strapping gentlemen you may recognize from the Bootstompers — Mustang Mark Stolpe (bass) and Ethan Mansfield (vocals). On several ocassions we experimented with getting the right harmonic balance, both clean yet haunting, as this song was meant to illicit. 

Signing Off

Take me home, sailor, put my legs in the air.

I don’t even know what I’m doing here,

In this place in time.

It looks mighty cold where you come from.

Is that why you say you’re always numb?

Perhaps another night.


You talk too pretty for a boarding maid.

Let’s try Act 2 and I’ll be on my way,

And leave you be.

Do you think about birds with the other men?

Why did you cry when you let me in,

May I please stay?


It’s a bitter old world movin’ out there,

So I made me some curtains out of underwear.

Just a little shade.

Tell me all about that scar on your arm.

Did a German put it there to leave his mark,

Or did you help Cain?


I ain’t that scared of losing an eye,

At least it’ll hide the world when I die.

When that day comes.

They say never fight a morning tide

But I must’ve drowned a thousand times

Where should we run?


There’s nothing out there I’d want to see.

This roof overhead is enough for me.

It’s all I need.

Don’t look so glum when I kiss your head.

It’s just that those words that you said

Are numb to me.


I stole this old phone off the ship last night.

I'll always be there on the other line,

When you call.

Please don’t let the others know

It won’t be long before I go.

Goodbye, my love.



I thought about you the other night.

It fell against the window behind my eyes.

Poor little thing.

There’s stones in my lungs when I cough,

The line’s been quiet, I’m signing off.

Title: Signing Off

Artists: Connor Jay Liess, Christy Rezaii

Album: Signing Off - Single

Duration: 7:46

Year: 2021

Recording Date: May 2020-December 2020

Composer: Connor Jay Liess

Credits: Written and arranged by C. J. Liess

Connor Jay Liess - Vocals, Guitars, Percussion

Christy Rezaii - Vocals

Mark Stolpe - Upright Bass

Ethan Mansfield - Backing Vocals


Manufactured by Trapper’s Attic Record Co.

Recorded and mixed by Connor Jay Liess at Trapper’s Attic Studios in Boise, Idaho. 

Mastered by Connor Jay Liess

Copyright © 2021. All rights reserved.

For Jeff Liess.

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