Goat Farm

Connor Jay Liess - Goat Farm - Album Art


Introducing the second 2021 release from Connor Jay Liess and Trapper's Attic Records, "Goat Farm" — a two-track farewell to the land and homestead companions I've come to know so well. Goat Farm features two brand-new tracks, including the newly penned composition "Northern Mountain Gal" and a slower, more intimate rendition of Ponderosa's "Take Me Home."


"Northern Mountain Gal"

Connor Jay Liess - vocals, acoustic guitar, jaw harp,

"Mustang" Mark Stolpe - upright bass

Christy Rezaii - backing vocals

Matt Skipper - mandolin

Austin Clark - fiddle

"Take Me Home"

Connor Jay Liess - vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, strings

I first wrote "Take Me Home" atop Aldape Summit some years back. It was meant to be a sort of a distant portrait of a life I hope to one day embark upon myself. The past two years living on what's become colloquially known as the "Goat Farm" is the closest I've ever come to that vision, and the most comfortable I've ever been in my own skin. Sadly my time living in the sagebrush-covered foothills will have come to a close by the time you find yourself reading this. 

Consider this album a prelude to what's still to come. Thank you for listening.